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As a young teen who also has fallen in love with games, I agreed to most parts of this article. Though many people have such negative contexts of games as being violent, misleading, and addictive, many fail to see the benefits of gaming. Gaming, as the article proposes, provides a world of fabricated fantasy in which conveys various social messages through its ‘art’. Games aren’t cheap entertainment that merely pursue hedonistic pleasure. The games include many values like books do, and has great impact since they can provide both fun and education simultaneously. There are various education-based games that are utilized in different classes too, because the teachers also recognize the usefulness of ‘games’. Escape from textbook teaching and tedious work, games provide an opportunity to interact with others in a virtual world to have fun and relieve stress to both children and adults. Such games mentioned in the article: Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and Scrabble, indeed has arisen as a savior to many. Furthermore, games aren’t as harmful as they are commonly perceived; the author’s son has also “brought [him] out of my worries” by demonstrating calm, decorous behavior. Gaming, after all, seems not so bad.


I’m on a streak of watching life-lesson teaching dramas and movies. After watching this movie, I became so thoughtful of my life and became thankful of what a good life I am having. The movie I watched is “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. This was the second time watching it, I first watched it during one of my flights (I remember it as last summer, when I was going to the states) and the second time just now, as I was reminiscing about the beautiful actress, Emma Roberts. I got to know her in a film called “Valentines Day”, which I don’t think is the best movie yet shows many love related messages (I didn’t really buy into it though). I liked one thing in particular though: the hot actress Emma Roberts. Truly an amazing girl, made me watch most of the films she starred in, such as “4. 3. 2. 1” and “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” and “Scream 4”. She’s a great actress that is beyond attractive, probably my favorite female (excluding my mom of course) in the planet. Ah, I digressed so far off topic, haha. To go back to our main topic, the movie review of “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”, it was a great movie because not only is it a sweet love story, it was a movie that I could really touch upon, feel the character’s feelings as we share many similarities. I think many Koreans would agree to the character, because he is also a kid stressed by such  academical stuff as gpa, SATs, summer schools, extracurricular activities, and all that gives us students nightmares. This movie tells us so straightforward, that its all useless. We all chase some kind of ‘set dream’ of becoming a CEO or a president, or someone famous; like the main character of “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” does. However, we often forget what our real dream is: what we really WANT to do, what we LIKE to do, WHY we do what we do. It’s all just… pointless, you know? The movie gave me a fresh sensation of letting go of things I don’t care about and grasping what I want to have. Two quotes I would really like to share about this movie are “If you aren’t busy being born, you’re busy dying” and “I would die to be you… I’d do everything… I’ll just… live.” As we lose our true purposes of life, we often lose control of our path. Not knowing where we are headed to, we just blindly follow the paved roads of the ‘civilized’ society. We should live the life we want, just LIVE. That’s the main point, goal, reason for our lives! Just think about it. Are you doing what you want to do? Why are you doing what you are doing right now? Stop just following orders, and think for yourself. This movie got me so passionate in this motto of just living your own life. It’s not like I’m going to now stop studying, but I will definitely learn how to pursue my own goals and live a life that I have always wanted. The second quote has also gave me a new shock. We often feel that our lives are miserable. We think ourselves as the most miserable person on earth and feel lonely that no one understands you. BEEP. WRONG. There are so many people throughout the world who just would… DIE to be like you. You are special, you are talented, you are someone who… wants to be. It’s such arrogance to waste your precious life like that. You’ll have to learn to appreciate your life, your life that actually isn’t that bad. All it takes is that one realization: that you are blessed and privileged over many others. Overall, I loved this movie, and I definitely think EVERYONE should watch it. I got so psyched up by this movie, maybe its the actress, or its the content; probably both.

Just remember, two things.

Be busy living, just live as you want and live as who you are.

Appreciate yourself. You’re beautiful, Just the Way You Are


This drama isn’t finished yet, and today its only on its ninth episode. However, I felt that I should share my ideas about this drama. People in the states might not understand this movie as well as us Asians do. In Asia where Confucius’ teachings are widely accepted, age matters a lot. Though the old are respected, it is the young that often gets the advantage in social life. Old people without a job are often considered ‘unproductive’ and ‘unsuccessful’ and become stuck in the cycle of unemployment due to this ideal.

Baby Faced Beauty deal with a women who looks much younger than how she looks, and how she hides her age for her dream. She is fired from her previous company because she is a women (which brings another issue of women rights) and becomes unemployed. She desperately looks for another company, yet many companies don’t want her due to her old age. Her sister, an annoying spoiled brat (most of the times) asks her to do a favor, to go modeling in a designing company instead of her. After being introduced to the company with her sister’s identity, she become employed to the company, but to not get fired again, and to pursue her goal as a designer, she hides her age and true identity.

I am greatly enjoying this drama because this in fact does show many features of the Korean society. Some unjust, wrong prejudices that has been built up in the minds of the employers: that old people are unproductive. I believe that age doesn’t matter. Youth is a blessing but not an advantage because everyone has it. And aging is not a shame because everyone would get it. I am looking forward to this drama’s conclusion about how age is viewed.

Quite an old movie, to be honest. However last week, I really wanted to watch it again, so I watched it for my second time. It is truly a movie worth watching several times, because it still contains the strong emotions no matter how many times you watch it. It shows the misery of weight lifters, poor people, and students, and how they move on in their life.

Lifting King Kong is about a former Korean Olympian teaching female students weight lifting. Kim Ki Bong, the coach at first doesn’t find true meaning in life after his injury. However, his teaching of his six students greatly develop him and the students together. The story talks about the hard journey of the girls learning abut weight lifting and how they achieve their dreams. This is based on an actual true story.

I have related more easily to the movie, maybe because I also participate in a sport that is not as recognized as other sports. I do cross country, however, in Korea it is not as welcomed and well known. No matter how well we do, our efforts and hard work is often unrecognized, and this has always remained as a scar in me. This movie helped me to overcome such complex, and taught me to be proud of my sport and to do my best. I would really recommend this movie to everyone.

49 days is a Korean drama that talks about peoples’ destinies and true love. The main characters are JiHyun Shin, a daughter of a rich family, and Minho Kang, a worker of her dad’s company and who is engaged to JiHyun, and Kang Han, JiHyun’s high school friend who has loved her ever since, and YiKyung Song who lends her body to JiHyun’s wandering soul. All these characters are complicatedly linked to one another and the true relationships of one another are reveled throughout the drama.

JiHyun is gets hurt in a car accident, and goes becomes brain-dead. Medically, she has no hope of waking up again, and the doctor tells her dad to just give up. However, after the accident, JiHyun’s soul remain in the human world. Since it wasn’t her fate to die so early, she is given a chance to revive. For her to revive, she needs three drops of tears from people who ‘truly’ love her, who is not blood related. The drama talks about her journey of getting the three tears using the body of Yi Kyung Song.

I didn’t like the first few episodes of the 49 days. I wasn’t so into the story, and was gradually losing interest during the setup of the drama’s background. From then, I started to understand the complex connections that lie within the drama. Many secret plans and conflicting opinions made the drama interesting. I was able to successfully finish the drama with a continuous streak after my exams were done. The drama taught me to live every day life with a meaning, and to love others truthfully.


Last week, I went to watch “The Pirates of the Caribbean 4, On Stranger Tides” with my friends. Since I have been watching the series all along, I felt that I ought to watch the new episode. To be honest, I wasn’t so satisfied with this episode. The last episode of the series was a true masterpiece, making the audiences become excited and anxious throughout the whole movie. However, the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was too full of cliche and was too predictable. Jack Sparrow goes on a journey to find the fountain of youth with his old love Angelica. Angelica is an promiscuous women who has had many affairs and is deceitful. She meets her father, Blackbeard, and tries to find the Fountain of Youth for her father. She provides Jack with a lot of information about the fountain, and Jack, who doesn’t have a ship to sail, obediently follows on the journey to the Fountain of Youth. The movie constantly tries to make a twist in the story, but fails. The story is too cliche that I have been able to predict most of the main events that happened in the movie. There were some humorous stunts by Jack Sparrow that made me laugh, but that was it. I believe The movie could have been better if they were to have put more substance in the story. The love story of the missionary and the mermaid was lame, and it degraded the quality of the movie. Currently, I’m not so sure if I’m excited for the next episode. I’ll give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

How cute is she ❤

Each of the SNSD (Girl’s Generation) members have special traits that blend together as a wonderful mix as a whole, and shines brightly even on their own. As the youngest member of SNSD, SeoHyun has a cute and innocent image. Her Korean name is 서주현 Suh Joo Hyun, and she has been one of the most loved member of the Girl’s generation, due to her ‘good student’ attitude. She has starred in many entertainment programs, but is most renown for the program “We Got Married”. In the program, she is married to Jung Yonh Hwa, a member of a korean rock band, CN Blue. They have been together for 367 days, and has finished their virtual marriage at 3/14, white day (which is a contrast of Valentines Day; apparently it only exists in Korea and Japan). It is sad to see them end their virtual marriage, because their virtual marriage taught me a lot about SeoHyun’s personality. Her personality is extremely adorable, and made me like her more. She is nice, caring, feminine, careful, and hardworking. Yet because she is only a high school graduate, she is often reflected as ‘too’ pure, and has her stubborn sides incorporated with her, which I find as a rare trait amongst celebrities. They have done many lovely things together, yet they are ending their marriage due to their busy schedules… I’ll see them in other programs too, soon, however, I’ll miss them being together. As I watched “We Got Married” I transformed into a true fan of SeoHyun. I hope other people get a chance to watch and learn more about her ❤

Before ending my post, I’d like to introduce their duet song, Banmal Song, which is a song talking about how they want to become more comfortable talking to each other. Its really cute.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde is an gothic english novel that was written in the early 1900s. The book contains numerous values that opposes the contemporary values and ideals. There are many interesting characters such as Dorian Gray, who earns eternal youth and beauty through his portrait drawn by his dear friend, Basil. Basil is an helpful friend of Dorian who works as a protagonist to help him get on the right track. However, Lord Henry, the book’s antagonist constantly intrigues Dorian’s curiosity and awakes his evil nature.

Since the book is a gothic novel, it deals with some unrealistic content such as a portrait changing itself according to its’ master’s guilt. I thought this was the most interesting part of this novel, considering the theme of guilt and regret. Guilt is said to show in one’s countenance by making the face hateful. However, Dorian’s portrait takes that ugliness for him. Does this mean that Dorian doesn’t regret his crimes?

This book taught me how shallow physical looks can be, and how bad one’s influence might be to another’s life. When I choose my friends, I should be aware of the fact that they would somehow affect me.

Movie Review: Love and Drugs

This movie was cute, romantic, and sexy. The movie is basically about a player who is good at getting almost any girl, falling in love with a patient he meets at a hospital while he was trying to sell his medical products (viagra). At first, their relationship just starts off as a sexual one, but as time passes he develops more feeling towards her. The whole movie is about the conflict of love and sickness, trying to love someone despite their sickness. The title seems to suggest how drugs themselves can be drugs; and is the best cure of people’s minds.

I found this movie extremely interesting because of a different concept of love purposed. To teenagers like us, sexual relationships seem a bigger deal than romantic relationship, and feels that sexual relationship without love is wrong. However, this movie suggest some other perspective of the love, making love seems easier than romantic love. With this in mind, I felt like, instead of craving for animalistic sexual desires, one should seek their true love. And when loving someone, one shouldn’t care about the conditions, if one truly loves him/her.

Movie Review: Gulliver’s Travels

This wednesday I watched Gulliver’s travels with my friends, and would want to do a short review about this movie. Gulliver’s Travels was the first 3d movie I’ve ever watched, and it was the dizziest movie too.

The overall story is the same as the typical one we already all know about, just that this movie puts in some love connections among characters and focus on the small people’s world alot more than the huge people’s.

Going into the actual content, to evaluate this movie in terms of stars, I’d give this a 2 out of 5. As I watched the movie, I felt the transitions of the movie were rather awkward and random. The story was too cliche, obvious, and sophomoric. I thought some parts of it could be funny, but as a whole, the movie was definitely a kid’s movie, not something that people who got better tastes would enjoy watching.